Let’s get down to business

This is my second writers blog and I still haven’t published.  My first writers web page was running my credit card as I was posting to my supposedly  free site.  The only thing I’m a little upset about is all my first drafts are gone.

My plans for this site is to share my first drafts with you.  Later drafts, I plan to keep in my building area.  My internal count is when I finish twelve stories.  I’m going to try and publish.  My first step is bang out the stories.  That is where i’m going to need your help.

This blog includes an area below where you can post your comments.  In my first blog I talked about how delicate writers were and any negative feed back could kill us.  I have changed my mind on this.  Now, I am looking for your feed back, questions, comments, jokes.  Give me your worst.

Together we are going to make my dream come true.  What are your dreams?  Have you made any steps towards yours?





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