How to Handle Self-doubt

I don’t know about you but for me the most difficult thing about writing is the huge self-doubt that goes along for the ride.  This is what keeps me away for from keyboard for the longest periods of time.  I don’t have a problem with the writers block, grammar (cause I ignore it) spelling or any of the other crippling curses of being a writer.  Self-doubt that is my kryptonite.

I have been blessed to have a a have come across Jenna Moreci.  She is a writer that produces a weekly VLOG, about all thing writing.  I have learned more from her videos than I have learned in any class.  If you could use a bit of help, or just a pat on the back, you have got to visit Jenna’s vlog.

Do you have a secret inspiration, please share it in the comments blow.

Write On!  <– that is for me.


You can find Jenna’s link right here:  How to Handle Self-Doubt as a Writer – Jenna Moreci



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