Herika R. Raymer – Writer/Editor – My Friend

Something all writers need is inspiration.  I don’t mean the kind inspiration of, oh I have an idea!  I mean have a friend in the business.  Someone you can bounce ideas off of.  Someone who you can share story calls with, someone who can read your work and tell you how bad it stinks.

A few months ago I had decided that I was going to start writing again.  I started banging out the words in my word processor.  It felt great.  Then I hear that at my Church, a church of maybe a hundred people, someone was putting together a writer group.  I printed out my stories and next Sunday I asked Herika if she would bata read these for me.

When I got my stories back there was red ink all over them.  That is how I found out that Herika’s day job is writer, editor, publisher, and I just asked her for a freebie.  Eventually I was able to get my foot surgically removed from my mouth.  Last week at the MisSouthCon I followed her around like a lost puppy.  She was gracious enough to introduce me to her friends.  I can never thank her enough for the start.

Also Herica was nominated for the 2016 Darrell Award for one of her short stories.  She received first runner up for her story:  Sentry – Herika R. Ramer


Here is her Author page,  Herika R. Raymer – Writer/Editor    stop by and tell her I said Hi.

Here is the link to the book with her story:  Sentry  — The Idolaters of Cthulhu


One thought on “Herika R. Raymer – Writer/Editor – My Friend

  1. Ollo! Thanks for the name drop – and no problem. I REALLY enjoyed your writing style and think you would be well received. If you aren’t – grrrr! Look for his upcoming Collection, everyone. I WILL be pushing him to get it published. It is a great read!

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