Story calls: Mission Accomplished

Well, this has been a very long couple of weeks.  With the help of my editor, who is willing to work for hamburgers, extremely under-priced but gets around the starving artist problem.  With the encouragement of my family, I hope they forgive this temperamental writer.  With the abuse of my keyboard.  I have finally submitted two stories for entry into two different anthologies.  Now I wait.

On the off chance that one of my stories get picked up, I’ll keep you posted.

One story was my first biker story.  It has motorcycles, Jack Daniels, and ghosts.  This is the story that brought back my love of writing.  Because of this story I have five other motorcycle stories in various stages of completion.

My second story is a hack and slash horror story.  It is about a grave digger that likes to take his work home with him.  That story also has a few shout outs to my family.  I hope they don’t disown me.

Now I’m torn do I write for another submission, or write another biker story.


If you know of any story calls please share them below.  I might just do both.

Also if you could send prayers, good thoughts, or oxford commas my way.  (About being accepted into the anthologies.)   All will be appreciated.


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