Practice Practice Practice

I know better.  Like some of you know I teach martial-arts in my free time.  The students that you see excel, those are the ones who practice.  The months before my black-belt test, every Saturday morning I got up early and went to the gym.  I went through my entire test every Saturday morning.  As my body got stronger I started adding to my test.  One hundred push-ups became one twenty-five which became one fifty.  Ten burpees became thirty.  My floor laps doubled.  When that wasn’t enough, I started wearing layers of sweats and leg weights under my uniform.  My black-belt test was the easiest test I ever took.

Now, I sit here wondering how I can get better at writing.  I watch inspiring videos.  I read other writers work.  I go for motorcycle rides.  I sit on the couch and watch tv.  Nothing seems to work.

In Martial-arts I always had other people pushing me.  There were also short term goals set up for those of us with short attention spans.  If they told me at my first class that it would take five years to earn a black-belt, I would have turned around and left.  I had great teachers.  They put that carrot just out of my reach and told me to go for it.  I pushed myself just a little bit and there it was I did it.  The never let me even see the black-belt until I was with a year.  Hell, there is the finish line.  I didn’t even know I was running.

Being a writer is a lot harder.  I don’t have the coach pushing me along.  There is no carrot.  When there is no carrot, I just go the couch and become a potato.

I have a quest, long term accomplishment.  Author.  It all the goals, shorter term accomplishments.  Those are the ones, which I struggle with.  Those daily carrots that get me off the couch.

I know it is all about words on paper.  For me that is all about accountability.  I need to find that teacher that can keep spurring me in the side.  The one who will ask me…

Did you write today?  Good, what are you going to write about tomorrow?


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