Memphis Comic and Fantasy Con

Wow, what a blast.  I spent the grater part of the weekend at the con.  Memphis is fortunate enough to host two comic cons.  (Fall and Spring)  I talked about the spring one before.  Last Spring I was introduced to a few local writers.  Robert Krog and Malice in Memphis writers group.  (Thank-you so much Herika Raymer for all the introductions.

While the Fall Con was a little smaller, in some areas, it had a MUCH larger vendor’s area and a LONG open area for the writers.  The difference six short months have made.  This year Robert introduced me to Tyree Campbell from Alban Lake Publishing.  This was the man who published my short story.

I also was fortunate enough to sit down with  Tommy Hancock, from Pro Se Productions.  He was gracious enough to talks with me at length, about some of his open calls.  I also sat in on many of his panels where he shared plethora of tips for new writers and hopeful authors like me.

I want to also thank so many of the other authors that were willing to share with me, and talk about their work.  Laurie Bolanos, Phillip Duncan, Jason Fedora, RR Hunsinger, of course Robert Krog and Herika Raymer.

Thank-you all, for welcoming me in to your wonderful world of paper and ink.



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