Reporting – another prompt

Reporters are trained to develop a sixth sense, a nose for when the story seems fishy. And something about this one wasn’t right. First of all, The gun was still in his hand. I guess most people don’t know this but I have seen a few suicides. The victim, or are they the killer when it’s a suicide. Either way the person always drops to go. One of the cops found the gun fell from the person sand and under a couch that was a mysterious night. But finding the person with the gun still in there and impossible well least very improbable. Something else is his phone was in his left pants pocket. That would imply the victim yeah I think this guys really a victim. Was probably left-handed but the gun in his right. Next thing from what I know with the skies he had no reason to kill himself. A bank manager is not a super high stress job and it pays fairly well. There might of been some outside forces at work here. I’ll check on that tomorrow. OK, circumstantial evidence doesn’t add up. But he locked he locked himself in the bank vault there was no one else around. I even checked the video camera myself each at the end of the day he goes and locking the door behind him at night. With the time like he couldn’t have opened it if you wanted to. I’m missing something but what? How? Why? I know the corners going to call this a suicide that well and the investigation right there. But I don’t see it I don’t see suicide. I’m not sure what I see but I don’t see but I don’t think we have the whole picture yet.


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