Date Night has been sent out

And it’s in the mail, or either, or internet, wherever.  It is off, out of the nest.  My fourth short story was just sent off to my publisher.  So here I sit with a glass of bourbon.  The estimated release is fall ’17.  This is my first attempt at a love story.  So now we wait.

For those of you keeping track I have two stories in limbo.  My editors / publishers are working hard to make them a reality.  I have already picked my next short.  It is going to be a Christmas story.  The finished product is due by the end of July.  I still have a lot to do before it is ready to fly.

I also am going to make another new year’s resolution.  (I’m 2 for 3 on those for this year.)  Starting July I’m going to complete a short story every month.  Yea, that is small for many of my writer friends, but I am still doing this for fun.  Anyway Bourbon time.  Have a great one.  Date Night was released for publication tonight.


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