Busy Busy Busy

What a busy few days.

  • I have re-submitted my “Christmas Lasagna” story, thank you to everyone who reviewed early copies, and gave me your suggestions.   Now we wait….
  • My Date Night Story is scheduled to be in print next month? This will be part of the Malice In Memphis – Elmwood Cemetery collection.
  • Finally my “Life and Times of Lewis Agnew” had just received It’s second run through the editor, and is now being prepped for publication. Soon you be able to find in in the collection.   “Potluck at the End of the World”

What to do next?  Find another short story or….  Start a novel?  It is almost time to put up or shut up.   I’m also going to add a link to my Amazon page.   OOOOOOhhhhh  AAAAAhhhhh  This was you can find all my stuff in one area.

For those that have missed it I still have a few copies of Potter Field 6 – The collection that includes my breakout story “Road trip to Lynchburg.”  Contact me directly to order a signed copy.

Writer – Biker – Legend


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