Local Talent – Todd Stinnett Photographer

I’m a big fan of finding and supporting local talent, being a writer keeps you humble.  So please indulge me for a moment.

My buddy and I were out rolling around on our bikes.  It was Friday and the wind was calling.  After about fifty miles or so, we took the long way there wishing it was just a little longer, we arrived at a Harley Davidson dealer that was celebrating the weekend with a live band and burgers.   Bryan and I eventually found ourselves nursing a couple beers as the sun slipped away.  The band was playing some old rock and roll, and all was right with the world.

This is when Todd showed up.  He was taking steps to become a famous photographer, and he was out taking shots of the bikes.  I told him I’m trying to become a famous writer, we all have a dream don’t judge.  Anyway, I asked if he would take some shots of me and my bike, in exchange for a mention on Facebook.  He graciously agreed, saying he wanted to try out some new lenses for his camera anyway.

The next day the pictures were in my email, and they were great.    I even use one of his pictures on my Amazon author’s page, see famous I’m on Amazon.

I was so excited that I started working to get some more stories completed, so everyone would have a reason to visit my Amazon page and see the picture.

You know what I forgot to do?  I never told a soul about Todd .  Hell, I never even said thank-you.

So, first I want to say, if you are needing a really good and very understanding photographer in the greater Memphis Area.  I have two words for you Todd Stinnett.  (I’ll link to his FB page.)  He does really great work, you are going to be pleased.

to Todd, the picture looks great.  I love it, as a matter o’ fact, I’m going to use your picture on my Amazon page.   Thanks for the shot, and I really am very sorry this took so long in coming.

Your Friend,

Larry (I’ll get right on that) Hoy

His page:  Todd Stinnett the Photographer


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