The Shadow Over Deathleham

To encourage everyone to participate in my tradition of awaiting to the last minute before Christmas shopping, I’d like to offer you this suggestion. The Anthology of Christmas HORROR Stories: The Shadow Over Deathleham is now available in eBook & Paper on amazon.

This anthology includes the story of Christmas Lasagna, by yours truly. As a bonus this Anthology also includes my poem Left in a Manger, my FIRST poem released to the world. So, now I’m an author and a poet, I’ll never be able to find a hat to fit over my swelled head again.

Anyway the best thing about this gift is you don’t have to drive anywhere. I’m adding the links below.

This anthology was created to support a Pediatric AIDS foundation.  That’s correct, this purchase goes to help children.  Now get to Amazon.


Have Frightful Christmas Everyone

The Shadow Over Deathlehem – eBook

The Shadow Over Deathlehem – Paperback


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