MidSouthCon: It’s a Wrap

What a wonderful time!  I hope you were there but just in case you weren’t….

You missed a fantastic time.  This was my first time being a guest, and working in the dealer’s room.  (with Memphis Writers Group)

I participated in three different panels:  It’s Written NOW WHAT? – Strength in Numbers – Finding your Muse (Story Inspirations).  In all panels I was taking notes from the other panelists, and members of the audience.  I learned so much from you all.  Thank-you.

Then as I sat on Pro-row something strange happened.  People stopped by to talk about my writing and to buy my stories!!  There was even one person who stopped by, who had read an early copy of my next story “Grave digger”.  This WONDERFUL person told me that this story reminded them of Edgar Allan POE!  My all-time favorite superhero of writing.  (Note:  the anthology comes out soon)

I even got to chit chat with Mike Carlin.  He was one of the men responsible for killing Superman.

As the event neared a close I got another treat.  I was brought up to participate in…  “It was a dark and stormy night…”

I wish my story ended there.  A terrific event, lots of fun but I do write horror.  There are very few happy endings in real life.

After I got home and unpacked my car…  We relied that somewhere over the weekend, I lost my Camera.

I pouted and kicked myself for an hour.  But then I remembered, someone  said my writing reminded them of Poe.

Well he had struggles too.


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