It Should be a Crime – Frank Crime

I LOVE being a writer. I meet a lot of cool people, and then murder them. In my stories. Frank is the exception to that rule. Frank is a villain just waiting for the story to happen.
I was hanging out at my local comic book store, and I saw frank working pen & ink on a thick journal, plotting out his elements for an upcoming story. Since then we have both been building crazy adventures. For me they are just stories, for Frank… Well he lives them.
A quick bio. Along with writer, Frank is an armature Memphis wrestler, following in the foot steps of Jerry the King Lawler. He has his own production team. He has put together some commercials and a few short films. He has a YouTube channel discussing local entertainment & his love of comic books. He is an artist, and over the years he became my friend.
A couple weeks ago my local Comic Sore had their grand reopening while I had planned on just stopping buy to catch up with my comic friends. Frank asked me to sit in for an interview to re-launch his YouTube channel. What follows is that interview.

Frank Crime & Larry Hoy (the interview)

Also Links to:
Frank Crime Productions

Frank Crime – The Writer

Frank Crime – The Wrestler (adult language warning)

The MadCap report – Frank & Fury (local entertainment channel)

Jupiter Comics 2.0


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