On the Road – for your Summer Reading

I’m leaving tonight to spend a week in Dayton, Ohio.   If you haven’t picked up all my stories, now is the time to hit me up for a signed copies:

Potters Field

Strangers and paupers, the homeless and derelict, murder victims and victims of wrecks and crashes in seas and trackless wilderness, soldiers and plague victims heaped in mass graves. All have tales untold. Their families and friends, their classmates and neighbors think of them from time to time, sometimes wondering if they are alive or dead. Their fates are guessed, surmised, possibly correctly.

Featuring my story – Road Trip to Lynchburg

My first short story.   This was about a fellow who jumped on his motorcycle and road out to Lynchburg TN, home of Jack Daniels whisky.  Along the way he stumbles into the middle of a real ghost story


Elmwood: Stories to Die for

A Malice in Memphis collection.

The amazing storytellers of Malice in Memphis specialize in taking historical locations and fictionally embellishing them with new characters, mysteries, and murder. They have now taken on Memphis’ finest and oldest active burial ground, the famous Elmwood Cemetery.

Founded in 1852, it is the final resting place of over 75,000 residents. From the common to the infamous, from the powerful to the famous, they are all here. The tapestry of life and death in the Mid-South is laid out in a beautiful garden cemetery with sweeping vistas, massive ancient trees, and spectacular monuments from the Victorian age to modern sculptures.

Malice in Memphis is now adding their special touch to the myriad of stories drifting among the mausoleums.

Featuring my story – Date Night

My first love story follows,  A couple in love sharing their 20th anniversary.  A special pick-nick lunch in the park.  However, nothing goes as it should in Memphis. This is a short story that will touch your heart.


The Shadow over Deathlehem

An anthology of Christmas Horror Stories

O little town of Deathlehem, Within you death doth lie! Beneath thy deep and rutted streets Tormented souls do cry. Yet in your dark streets shineth A cold and ghostly light. The fears and tears of all the years Are met in thee tonight. Well, here we are again, folks — Deathlehem … … where Krampus isn’t the only creature to fear when the holiday draws near… … where holiday treats aren’t safe to eat … … where not even the apocalypse will keep people from celebrating the holiday … … where even Chanukah isn’t safe to celebrate … Twenty-five more tales of holiday horror to benefit The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

This anthology features my Short story – Christmas Lasagna

An Italian immigrant family spends the holidays serving at a homeless shelter.  Unfortunately, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Also included is my first published poem – Left in a Manger

Something very few people know about me.  I flunked poetry class in school.  I offer you this fun little escape, and let you make your own judgments.


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