Montgomery Co Ohio Library

So I’m visiting Dayton Ohio.  Hiding out at my home town library.   (My the place has changed over the years.)  — A year ago I dropped off a copy of “Potters’s Field 6.”

So I was chatting with the librarians.  I mentioned the book I dropped off and asked if it was on a shelf.   I wanted to see my work on the shelf where I spent so many hours.

“Sorry, it’s not here.”

“That is what I figured.  I didn’t really think it was going on the shelf.”  I stomped my foot and marched off like a child throwing a tantrum.

“It’s not here because it is checked out.”  The librarian called out.

I came crawling back.   Can I get a picture?  — In the image above you’ll see 0 of 1 available.  Someone is reading my story?!?!

Have no fear Dayton, I dropped off Elmwood & Deathlehem.   Keep reading my friends, I’ll make more.

—  Reminder I’m in the Dayton Ohio area for a few more days.  Contact me to get a signed copy of my stories.


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