End of the World Potluck

I just got a proof copy of End of the World Potluck  and anthology dreamed up and put together by Robert J Krog.
The overarching story idea Robert came up with is…
A giant meteorite is going to crash into the earth.  It is expected to wipe out most of life on the planet.  There is one small town in Tennessee that believes they have found a way to save “SOME” of the town, but nowhere near everyone.
The stories that have been collected within the pages are the personal stories of those families in this town.  Families that are struggling with the potential of extinction on a mass scale.  The stories of how some of those people grasp at the slimmest of chances for survival.
I have been blown away at the group of talent that he was able to pull into these pages.
You’ll find stores by:       H. David Blalock, Tyree Campbell, David J Fielding, Allen Gilbreath, John A McColley, J. Christopher O’Brien, Herika R. Raymer, Aubrey Stephens, L. A. Story, Kent Swarts, Darren Todd, and of course Robert included a story of his own.
Somehow I was invited to submit a story also.  The Life and Times of Lewis Agnew  — A story about a man who finds out he is to be excluded from the limited security of the town.
The publication release will be  announced soon.

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