Writers – Fight Club

Beretta. Check.
Switchblade, Check.
Brass-knuckles, Check.
Secret Weapon.   Double check.
Sorry, I have to get back to packing.  Thursday, Nov 20th, I have the opportunity to discuss writing fight scenes, with writer publisher, pirate, werewolf, radio star and evil genius.  Allen Gilbreth.
This is another of those “Dark Oak Press – Authors Around Town” events.  Like I said before, this month the subject will be fight scenes.   Guns, knives, or light sabers we are going to hit them all.  How to make your scene sound authentic.  How do you hook the reader into the story?  How do you get all the blood out of your carpet?
The event will be Nov 20th.  Starting at 7:pm  We only have an hour, and I expect it to fly by.  — Warning for those of you sitting in the front row.  Beware the splash zone.




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