Malice in Memphis: Elmwood: Stories to Die for

Stories To Die For

The amazing storytellers of Malice in Memphis specialize in taking historical locations and fictionally embellishing them with new characters, mysteries, and murder. They have now taken on Memphis’ finest and oldest active burial ground, the famous Elmwood Cemetery.

Founded in 1852, it is the final resting place of over 75,000 residents. From the common to the infamous, from the powerful to the famous, they are all here. The tapestry of life and death in the Mid-South is laid out in a beautiful garden cemetery with sweeping vistas, massive ancient trees, and spectacular monuments from the Victorian age to modern sculptures.

Malice in Memphis is now adding their special touch to the myriad of stories drifting among the mausoleums.

The Tales:
A Love Story by Mary Balsamo
An Elmwood Misadventure by Juanita D. Houston
A Part to Die For by Richard Powell
Bloodline, by Angelyn Sherrod
Date Night by Larry Hoy
Forget Me Nots by Elaine Meece
From Hair to Eternity by Phyllis Appleby
Grave Robbers by Kristi Bradley
Graveyard Grace by Barbara Christopher
Headshrinker by Susan Wooten
Hold Please by Lynn Maples
One Dare Too Many by Annette Miller
Public Death Private Murder by Carolyn McSparren
The 21st Battalion Will March at Dawn by Dutch Warren
The Furnace Room by James C. Paavola
The Yellow Fever Revenge by Jackie Ross Flaum
Unsolved Forever by Thomas Kienzle
A Very Worthy Human Being by Richard Powell
Returning to Russwood Park by Barbara Christopher
One Big Foot in the Grave by Phyllis Appleby
Rainbow Lake by Kristi Bradley
Fort Pillow Escape by Juanita D. Houston
Holding On To You by Angelyn Sherrod

Elmwood: Stories to Die for

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Plans? – What Plans?

Plans meet hard right turn

So last year was a slow one for writing, there was a strong finish, but overall it was kind of slow.

This year I set plans to attack my novel full speed ahead.  I completed the first draft last fall, but I haven’t started the second draft yet.

January started and Chicken Soup extended a deadline for me.  You might remember how worried my Mom is that I don’t write happy stories.  So I put the novel on the back burner and kicked out a quick story for Chicken Soup.

Then visiting my Pirate fighting group, I got a funny request.

Could you write a treatment for a Pirate TV show?

My only question was when do you need it?  Later that night I asked Google what is a treatment for a TV series?

So this was an interesting week on the keyboard.  My novel got pushed a month, but the right place at the right time might have landed me some interesting work.  I never did learn what a treatment was, but I have finished some good stuff, to include a pilot.

So….. what’s next?

Saturday we Save the Cat

Is one book that every screen writer must read. Does a fantastic job of breaking down the three act play into simple beats. Recently, I picked up a copy of Save the Cat Writes a Novel.
This book has been a huge help. I’ve never really thought about novels as a three act play.
In all of my research two books have been recommended to me over and over. Steven King’s: On Writing (Christmas is right around the corner. Hint hint nudge nudge) and Save the Cat.
Well, this Saturday (Dec 22 7:pm at Panera Bread – 4530 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38117) I’ll be leading a discussion on the book. – This event is being hosted by the Memphis Writers – Writing club. This is an open club, everyone is welcome Come early & stay late to meet some fantastic writers. I’m talking about you!

50,137 and Growing

We all have dreams. Dreams are why we get out of bed in the morning. One o my first dreams of childhood was to be a writer. I remember clearly: I was in kindergarten; it was open house day. The day the parents got to visit the classroom with the students. We showed our parents, where we studded, played, and napped. One of the parents asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up. I said I wanted to be a writer.
Five years ago, I wrote a few short stories. Somehow they got published. I was no longer just a writer. I became an author.
Over the past year, I struggled to put together one more short story. For over eight months that was all I wrote. I had a dream to be a writer, but nothing was coming out of the keyboard.
Forty-nine days ago, I started something new. I made a plan. My plan was to write one thousand words a day. First draft stuff, no grammar, no spelling, just word vomit. One thousand words a day. Today, I just finished forty-nine days straight. I’m nearing the end of my first-draft. Of my first novel.
Today’s word count is 50,137 words. I’m not done, almost but not just yet. But today I am celebrating. I had a number in my head of 50,000 words. That was something I never thought I could do.
So thank you for indulging me.
Dream + Plan = Success
50,137 words

Put Words on Paper

So I have been crazy busy these last few months. I’ve taken part in some retreats, Writers conventions, I’ve taught classes, had a couple video interviews and had adventures. I’ll work hard on sharing more details as I work to get my feet back underneath me.
One success I want to share is my steps to a word count. I know this is the month of NaNoWriMo. Over the past year, I have taken the idea “Yes, I’m a writer, I’ve got a hand full of short stories in ink, and a novel on the way.” The first nine months of this year. I finished a couple short stories, 1 flash fiction and a couple chapters in my novel. Sounds like a lot, but it wasn’t. The words on the page just weren’t showing up.
I’ve been taking classes, trying to find accountability partners, anything just to get the words flowing.
I was in a class that was being led by my friend and author Bill Webb. During his class we did a couple five minutes writings. I was shocked at how much I could put on paper in only five minutes. It was there after I gave myself a word count challenge. Every day I will put 1,000 words into my current writing project.
My rues for this, it doesn’t include rewrites, editing, blogging, or anything else. 1,000 words into my writing project. After that, I’ll take on the rest of the world.
I figured that 1,000 words is a small enough number it would be achievable in even the busyest day. I also figured it would be great to keep pushing myself to beat my last streak, always growing my number of success days longer and longer.
Then a very cool thing happened. I completed a week of success. 7,000 words into a new novel that never existed before. Just like everyone else I suffer through motivation. I hate getting started – Getting done is wonderful, I love the feeling of accomplishment. But writing is hard. Full disclosure, many of those days I whined and fought, finally my stubbornness would win out and drag me to the word processor.
So I finished a week. 7,000 words. It felt fantastic. Then thought My longest published short story is just over 9,000 words. That’s only two days. I could do two more days. Heck, I already did seven what is two more. 9,000 words. Well It was just over 9,000 words. A day later 10,000 words. 10,000 words in the bag.
Then another thing happened. Four more days and I had accomplished two full weeks of writing. 14,000 words. Then something fantastic happened. It wasn’t so hard to get to the word processor. I knocked out 14 days, I don’t want to start that day count all over. I was going out for a romantic weekend with my wife. I was afraid that I would blow my streak, so I got up at 5:am and knocked out my 1,000 words. Then we made it back home late the next day. The streak continued, I bragged to my friends, no longer giving the word count, but now it is a day count. The numbers keep going up.
I finished my 23rd day on this diet. My novel is sitting at over 23,000 words, in only 23 days. So, I apologize about not sending out the blogs more often because. I’ve been putting words on paper.
Set your self a goal. Maybe it is a word count, maybe it is several minutes or pages. It doesn’t matter what it is because soon you’re real goal is the number of days of success. I’ve had 23 days of success so far. I would never have believed in the beginning.
One step at a time, one day at a time. Challenge yourself and then succeed.

Writers – Fight Club

Beretta. Check.
Switchblade, Check.
Brass-knuckles, Check.
Secret Weapon.   Double check.
Sorry, I have to get back to packing.  Thursday, Nov 20th, I have the opportunity to discuss writing fight scenes, with writer publisher, pirate, werewolf, radio star and evil genius.  Allen Gilbreth.
This is another of those “Dark Oak Press – Authors Around Town” events.  Like I said before, this month the subject will be fight scenes.   Guns, knives, or light sabers we are going to hit them all.  How to make your scene sound authentic.  How do you hook the reader into the story?  How do you get all the blood out of your carpet?
The event will be Nov 20th.  Starting at 7:pm  We only have an hour, and I expect it to fly by.  — Warning for those of you sitting in the front row.  Beware the splash zone.



This Makes Four!

It is sad that summer is now mostly in the rear-view mirror. When I was a child summers seemed to last forever. We played in the woods, went swimming down at the pool, and watched tv till the wee hours of the night. Now, I remember blinking. Now summer is over. And goodness the world is picking up pace.

September is booked for me. My fourth story, The Life and Times of Lewis Agnew, has been turned into ink. The anthology follows a town on the brink of global annihilation. A meteorite was found on its way to earth. The government figures this might be a planet killer. A small town in Tennessee has a plan. They have an old salt mine that they are going to use as a sanctuary. With the hopes that they will be safe underground from the coming apocalypse. There is just one problem. The mine isn’t big enough for the whole town. There will be people that don’t make it in.
My story follows along Lous Agnew, the local department store manager. He transfers the store inventory to the mine: food, clothes, cots, everything. Then he finds out he isn’t included, just the store inventory.
If you click on the link below, you’ll be forwarded to the publisher where you can order your own copy. Or if you contact me directly, I’ll send you a signed copy.

More about the Collection

Click Here To Order From The Publisher